Curve Tracer and Semiconductor Tester ATE Curve Tracer Sofware
for Programing Tests and
Data Storage & Manipulation
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Each Scientific Test high power curve tracer is provided with advanced Windows® based PC software for programming tests on discrete semiconductors, and for high speed data capture and intuitive data manulation.

The software is compatible with all modern versions of Windows.

Programming a curve is simple and straightforward. Simply select the desired curve on the menu and fill in the blanks. Data increments are programmable in linear or logarithmic steps. See the videos on programming a test or setting up a test suite.

curver tracer test program software - click image for larger view
Curve Tracer Software Features and Example Programming Videos
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  • High speed datalog capture to PC (Serial and USB to 115KBaud)
  • Datalog capture directly into Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • Real time math for Delta, Gain, Transconductance, Hysteresis and other computations
  • Hi Rel "Delta On The Fly" and Retest Capabilities
  • True parameter substitution including computations
  • Real time Lot Summary
  • Multiple screens with Multiplex
  • Bin Sort with branching and qualification on Pass or Fail
  • Up to 96 tests
  • Up to 99 sorts assignable to any of 16 bins
  • And much more......

Curve tracer test suite programming - click image for larger view

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